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Spread Love Quarantine Bingo

This idea was inspired by two people Matt Shirley—the guy who tries to make a chart every day on Instagram—and an older coworker in my barista days in San Francisco.

Matt Shirley posted a Quarantine BINGO that is beginning to make its rounds in Memedom. While Buy a Ukelele and Bed Sores made me chuckle, it immediately sparked the idea to make a Spread Love [not viruses] Quarantine BINGO.

So, why Spread Love?

It was the day after 45 was elected president. There was a tangible weight to the entire city of San Francisco I can only describe as a collective heart breaking. I dreaded going to work that morning, but I did knowing I would be in the company of one of my favorite coworkers, Dae. As our regulars began to show up, tears, hugs, and words encouragement began to pour. We were having beautiful conversations despite the devastation. I noticed people were sharing their ideas on how we could lean into love and not let hatred win. On a coffee-stained pad of paper, I started asking regulars and scribbling down ideas of how we can Spread Love.

I felt those same emotions this week. As more of my friends began to admit their anxieties and fears surfacing, I knew we needed to find ways to spread love in these times of isolation. The daily guided journaling prompts I’ve been putting out there have focused on community, self-care, movement, and finding stillness, so why not replicate those same intentions in a fun game for us to play despite the distance? 

Hence, Spread Love (not viruses) BINGO. 

You can download a color or B&W card below and hang it up at home or save the image on your phone and keep track digitally. Invite your friends to play along or set a goal to blackout your card over the next two weeks of quarantine. There is no wrong way to play! Consider this a little love from my heart to yours to spruce up these days of isolation.



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