Author, Hayli Nicole, takes a selfie with a yellow arrow on the Camino Del Norte in Spain
Creative Reflections

Life After Medium: What I Accomplished by Stepping Away

I threw quite a tantrum about quitting Medium in 2018. I mildly regret it (don’t bite the hand that feeds you) but in hindsight, I was burned out and frustrated by the time that was poured into so many challenges and projects and still unpublished drafts and community engagement. I took a necessary hiatus but watched from a distance as Medium implemented several new changes. I posted a few times, but nothing gained traction without consistency. I focused on building my author website instead and pitching to various publications.

The reason I’m sharing all of this is not to brag.

It’s to show that the greatest lesson Medium taught me is that my energy matters.

All of this to say… Medium isn’t the end all be all.

Always remember this: No matter the likes or engagement, your story matters.



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