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Leading with Their Light

This was written on this day of May in 2016 after losing Marilyn Hanbury.

The 11th marks the year of my great aunt’s tragic passing and Jimmy’s birthday is on the 12th. Despite this being one of the heaviest weeks of grief and loss of arguably the three brightest lights to ever walk this earth, I can’t help but look to their light for every reminder of how to live. I love how words circle their way around when you need a reminder. It may be the darkest reality without them, but it’s a beautiful day to be alive.
I write this with the heaviest of hearts. But I hope what I am about to express resonates with you, any of you, as deeply as this moment has with me.
I urge you to let go. Whatever negative idea or opinion you have, fear, hate, resentment, or feeling of insecurity you currently hold. Acknowledge its presence as a valid emotion and then push it out of your life. Because it doesn’t matter. In the grand scheme of our existence, the negativity is distracting you from every little thing that really does.
Deep-rooted connections and genuine friendships. That’s what matters. Living every moment of your beautiful life to its fullest potential. That’s what matters. Designing the most intricate of dreams and having the courage to live them is what really matters. Encountering every living being and spoiling them with boundless, unconditional love. Treating every individual with the compassion and respect they so truly deserve. That is what matters. Striving to be the absolute best version of yourself while building as many people up to the greatest version of theirs matters equally.
Loyalty. Strength. Sincerity. Courage.
Being fully present in every single moment and in the lives of the people who love you.
These are the qualities that matter.

Be radiant. Be stunning. Be compassionate. Be humble.

Be the truest version of yourself you could ever hope to be.
The impact you have on the world around you can so very easily be a positive one. So do it. Abandon the negativity and every single thing that threatens to hold you back and change for the absolute best. Be a positive force in this life and in the lives of others.
Strive to make this world a better place, simply by being a part of it.
Your life is one that deserves to be lived.
Your heart is one that deserves to be loved.
It starts, here, in this very moment. It starts now and it starts with each of us.
What and who will you be today?

No matter what, I hope it is extraordinary.



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