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Guided Journaling Prompts | An Invitation

This is admittedly one of the most confusing and frustrating times. It seems the entire world is on lockdown with borders shutting down every day. The onslaught of global news is creating a tangible heaviness. My friends began to express their fears and anxiety surfacing, so I wanted to extend an invitation to use this time for stillness and reflection.

Starting today and every day following, I will post a journaling prompt, but I ask everyone to do two things first:

  1. Write down three things you’re grateful for.
  2. Set a timer for five minutes (ten if you’re time abundant at the moment) and allow yourself to pour whatever is in your mind to paper. I call it Monkey Mind Journaling. Others call it brain dump or stream of consciousness writing. Give yourself at least five minutes of uninterrupted writing.

Follow your Gratitude and Monkey Mind with the day’s journaling prompt. When you’ve poured everything in your mind (or what’s weighing on your heart) to paper, set it aside. No filtering. No editing. No revisiting (unless you want to).

Use a blank page for the following day.

I want to emphasize, this isn’t about being a writer. I’m simply inviting you to take a moment amidst the current chaos to find stillness, take a few deep breaths, and be present with our thoughts so they don’t consume us. My hope is everyone can find small moments of joy in the mundane to fill these coming weeks of uncertainty.

I love you all.
We are in this together.
We will get through this.



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