Journaling Prompts

Day 4 | Guided Journaling for Stillness and Reflection

Starting each day with a moment of gratitude has done so much for my mental health. It has allowed me to focus my energy and attention on what I do have, rather than being caught in a mindset of lack or fear. I’ve gone so far recently as to turn lack statements into gratitude statements to break negative thought cycles and patterns.

Reframing thoughts surrounding negative situations has improved my overall wellbeing as well as my relationships with others. When people ask how I can be so positive, it’s because I’ve consciously put in the effort to reframe my perspective. It takes work, but if you come from a place of gratitude, most everything else will follow suit.

  1. Write down three things you’re grateful for.
  2. Set your timer for 5 minutes and pour what’s on your mind to paper. No filtering. No editing. Just scribbling.
  3. Today’s prompt:
    In what areas of your life would you consider yourself to be the richest or wealthiest?

In a time of scarcity and lack, let’s turn our attention towards our areas of personal abundance. Hear me out before I lose you with the New Age jargon. The word rich is often associated with wealth, which can lead to negative or narrow attitudes around money, finances, and success. If we can expand our word association of wealth (riches, success, prosperity) to encompass other things such as time, love, relationships, happiness, and health, we can acknowledge more of what we have and shift further away from fear or focus on what we feel we lack.

What about having a wealth of knowledge about a subject? Or an abundance of time you can use to volunteer with an organization you care about? Maybe your greatest success is fostering meaningful relationships.

Expanded prompt questions:

  • Using this morning’s gratitude prompt, expand on how these three things make you feel rich or successful.
  • Write your own definitions for the words wealth and success.
  • If money wasn’t our only currency, what else would you be willing to spend and how would you spend it?
  • Take a quick physical inventory. Is there anything you have in surplus or is being unused that you can donate or offer to someone else at this time?

I love you all.
We are stronger together.
We are getting through this.
It’s a beautiful day to be alive.



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