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Day 2 | Guided Journaling for Stillness and Reflection

I had a few questions about Monkey Mind Journaling so I wanted to take a second to expand. For those who have an inner dialogue or a constant chatter brain, this is what I’m referring to as the Monkey. It’s the [often negative] voice in our head that perpetuates negative thinking, distracts or blocks us from getting tasks done, shuts us down before we begin, or heightens our anxiety about a situation.

Monkey Mind Journaling isn’t meant to tame the monkey, rather releasing it into a space that no longer consumes or drains our mental energy. This makes room for more productivity, positivity, connection, creativity, clarity, and awareness.

Imagine your arm is a pipeline connecting your brain to your pen. For five minutes, let what is in your mind literally bleed to the page. Think of your thoughts as a stream flowing and your arm is the channel. Start small with five minutes of uninterrupted writing and see if you can up it to 7 or 10 minutes over the next few days. If you need more time, take the time! Remember. This practice is meant FOR YOU.

  1. Write down three things you’re grateful for.
  2. Set your timer for 5 minutes and pour what’s on your mind to paper. No filtering. No editing. Just scribbling.
  3. Today’s prompt: Take a few deep breaths and focus on each of your senses individually. What is your favorite thing to experience with each of your senses?

The goal of sensory awareness and sensory recall is to find intentional triggers we can use to flood our systems with more positive feelings to break our negative cycles. It’s an invitation to be in your body, connect with your senses, and find positive sensory experiences that can be recalled in situations when we are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. That way, when we do feel anxious, we can take small steps to change our immediate, physical environments for positive sensory stimulation.

Expanded prompt questions:

    • Which of your five senses brings you the most joy?
    • What is your fondest memory involving that sense?
    • Where were you physically?
    • Was anyone else with you at that moment?
    • Is it a feeling that can be replicated or intentionally triggered in the coming days to spark a moment of joy and happiness?

Please remember.
I love you all.
We are in this together.
We will get through this.
It’s a beautiful day to be alive.



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