Journaling Prompts

Day 5 | Guided Journaling for Stillness and Reflection

There are so many wildly beautiful stories surfacing right now. People are offering their services for free. Communities are leaning into each other. Live streams are happening every minute featuring musicians, artists, fitness instructors, yoga, meditations, and dance parties. In the worst of times, we are seeing the best in people proving love, community, and compassion always win.

Let’s take time to reflect on some of those beautiful qualities we are recognizing in others and see how they can become a mirror for ourselves in the coming weeks.  As always, we’ll start with our Gratitude and our Monkey Mind, followed by today’s prompt!

  1. Write down three things you’re grateful for.
  2. Set your timer for 5 minutes and pour what’s on your mind to paper. No filtering. No editing. Just scribbling.
  3. Today’s prompt:
    What are some qualities you gravitate towards in others?

Expanded prompt questions:

    • Do you feel you also possess these qualities? If so, to what degree?
    • If not, what is a behavior, action or mindset can you adapt to better embody these qualities?
    • Pick someone you deeply admire.
      • What qualities or values stand out to you about this person?
      • What do you love most about their personality?
      • What are their strengths as an individual?
      • What has this person done for you (directly or indirectly) to inspire your admiration?

Please remember.
I love you all.
We are in this together.
We will get through this.
It’s a beautiful day to be alive.



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