Creative Poetry Spoken Word

Cosmic Siren’s Song

A song once fell upon my ears
carried distances by the wind
containing whispers of dreams cast to stars;
an eternal light which can’t be dimmed.
A grand tale of a stellar being;
her impressions resonating on earth.
Her physical vessel a valued reminder
of our own evolution and rebirth.
Unaware of her own divinity
and the attention she commands,
she may be a woman of simple needs
but holds the world in her gentle hands.
The depths of her soul are reflected
in the layers of the setting sun.
Though beyond an object of desire,
she is the temptation to succumb.
A woman with her power
still embodies a distinct grace.
She moves through the world with intention;
no forward step misplaced.
She’s loved a dozen darling hearts
and broken each one with her ways.
She is a perpetual leaver of places;
never inspired enough to stay.
The memory of her silhouette
lingers long after she’s left.
She’ll visit in your deepest slumber
and steal your every waking breath.
An encounter forever fleeting
of a spirit which cannot be tamed.
Her heart belongs to the cosmos which birthed her.
Her siren’s song will be all that remains.



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