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Just Released!

Four Weeks of Guided Journaling

Daily Prompts for Stillness and Reflection

The world came to an abrupt halt seemingly overnight.

Industry friends were suddenly out of jobs. Small business owners had to shut their doors. Fellow freelance artists and writers lost their commissions, and clients in one fell swoop. I felt a bit helpless seeing my streams of income dry up, but I felt this wave of stillness wash over me as well.

I’ve often wished for time to slow down.

Very suddenly and unexpectedly, we were gifted an abundance of it.

I started offering daily journal prompts on Instagram to help people find a bit of stillness and reflection in the face of all this uncertainty. The interactions and conversations I was having turned into two weeks of guided journal prompts. This was helping people closest to me, and if I can help one person feel less alone in the world, I’m going to give my everything.

In a bizarre way, my unconventional decisions have been preparing me for this.

Journaling has been my primary tool for understanding mental health.
I haven’t worked from a traditional office in four years.
I’ve been locked down in countries before.
I know how it feels to wake up to a scary, uncertain future.

Plenty of fear, anger, resentment, confusion, and grief have taken over the last three weeks. But so has a hell of a lot of creativity, inspiration, deep soul-connections, collaboration, and optimism. I’m consciously choosing to bring my awareness and gratitude to the present moment and investing my energy in continued optimism and designing what I want my life to look like when all of this is over.

I hope you’ll join me if you’re able.
By slowing down, my sincerest hope is everyone can find small moments of joy in the mundane to fill these coming weeks of uncertainty. I hope these prompts are the first seeds planted in the inevitable growth that will come from surviving this together.

Over 80 hours of work and thought and writing and love have poured into the design of this workbook.

As a freelance artist, writer, and creator, my only ask is you buy me a virtual cup of coffee to access the digital download!

That’s 100 pages of beautiful, interactive content delivered directly to your inbox.

Hayli Nicole is a performance poet, travel writer, photographer.

Her roots are in California, but her travels have allowed her to call many countries (and many hearts) home. Her nomadic way of living has inspired deep soul connections while immersing in cultures and seeking the common thread of human existence. She finds inspiration in the mundane and bares the contents of her soul through her intentional use of words. Her greatest muse is love, though she doesn’t need much to stoke the fires of her creativity and imagination. Whether it’s studying orangutans in the rainforests of Sumatra, riding a motorbike through Vietnam, diving in the Komodo Islands, or walking the Camino del Norte in Spain, Hayli believes there is always a story to be found, shared, cherished, and told.

Her first collection of poetry, Emergence, was self-published in November 2019. You can find more of her insights and photography on Instagram (@haylicans).